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May 2, 2023
Welcoming Amy and Summer☀️
July 4, 2023


As the summer season rolls in, we are delighted to bring you the latest updates from the real estate market. It’s been an eventful year so far, with some notable trends emerging that are worth highlighting. Let’s dive right in!

Multiple Offers…Again?!

In certain circumstances, we’re witnessing a significant rise in multiple offers on properties. This surge in competition indicates a growing demand among buyers and a sense of urgency to secure their dream homes. With limited inventory and increased buyer activity, it’s crucial for prospective buyers to be prepared, flexible, and move swiftly to stay ahead in this increasingly competitive market.

Stability and Increasing Sale Prices

The market has displayed remarkable stability over the past few months, and we’re now starting to witness encouraging increases in sale prices. The combination of sustained demand and limited inventory has driven up home values, providing homeowners with a strong position for selling their properties. For buyers, while higher prices may pose challenges, the potential for long-term appreciation makes real estate a solid investment.

The Chaotic Swing of the Spring Market

The spring market may have experienced some delays, but make no mistake, it’s now in full swing—and in a chaotic fashion! The pent-up demand from earlier this year has unleashed a flurry of activity, leading to a fast-paced and dynamic market. Buyers and sellers alike are navigating a landscape where quick decision-making, effective negotiation skills, and expert guidance are essential to achieve success.

In addition to these market trends, it’s worth mentioning that interest rates remain historically low, making homeownership more accessible and enticing for prospective buyers. However, it’s advisable to keep a close eye on any potential shifts in the lending landscape and consult with a mortgage professional to explore suitable financing options.

Summer Events in Centre Wellington

Belwood Lake is buzzing with this warm weather! The Belwood Lions Club recently hosted their annual Pike Derby with great success. If you are looking for a local place to wind down definitely check out the Belwood Conservation Area. If you like to bike, the Cataract Trail is a great way to get there!

Have you gotten your tickets for Riverfest yet? Head over to to get your tickets for the 13th annual Riverfest coming up August 18-20 at Bissell Park in Elora.


June – August – Grand River Raceway has live racing every Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat in Summer

July & August – Twilight at Templin Gardens every Wednesday from 5 – 9pm

July 1 – Canada Day in Elora from 7am – 1:30 and in Fergus from 4:30 – 9:30 (fireworks)

July 7 – 13 – Elora Festival Concert Series

July 22 – Fergus Medieval Faire from 11-5pm

August 7 – Industry Day at Grand River Raceway

August 11 – 13 – Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games

August 18 – 20 – Riverfest Elora at Bissell Park

….and don’t forget our summer Food Truck Festival! Details will be out in our next newsletter so stay tuned!

Wishing you a wonderful summer filled with endless possibilities in the world of real estate!

Warm regards from your friends at Impact Realty Group