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July 13, 2018
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August 7, 2018

Growth and the Positive Impact on Our Market



Many recent articles (like the one above), news updates and social media blasts have created a real buzz around Elora and Centre Wellington at large over the past several years. I recall driving by the Elora Quarry 2 summers ago after a social media post promoting our favourite swimming hole … went viral causing huge line ups of people from the GTA just out for a unique day trip.

Most recently we have seen much media around Pearle’s Elora Mill development and what influence it may have on our local community. You only need to take a walk downtown Elora on a weekend and you will realize that it is having an adverse effect.

From a Real Estate perspective, it is all positive. We must realize that our area has been targeted for growth for many years. As areas like Milton, Oakville, Georgetown and Guelph stretch their urban boundaries, more stress is put on our local market as people look further abroad to find a desirable place to live at a reasonable price. Yes…it is actually happening, as those areas expand we will continue to see an influence here in our market.

Add an amazing development like the Elora Mill and you are bound to see an even greater influence.

We do have concern about the cost of affordable housing and rising rental rates, but these are not new problems and we should only look to other areas that have seen similar market trends to see how we best approach this dilemma.

Our area has seen many changes over the years and weathered many market crashes and world economic crises with little ripple in our local Real Estate market. 2017 was likely the largest surge we have ever seen. It does appear however, that we are on a more balanced track now more similar to the market that we have traditionally experienced for many years.

The fact remains that Fergus, Elora, and surrounding areas remain a desirable place to live that will continue to attract many people from far and wide.

We have amazing architecture, breathtaking natural attributes, lots of culture, sports and community … all things that people look for in their daily lives.

Being local Realtors with 60 plus years of experience, we are valuable resources that can assist you in making some of the most important decisions that you may ever encounter.

We know the area well, love living here and look forward to helping you, your family, any friends or acquaintances make their next move.

We encourage you to come and check out the Elora Mill … and give us a ring should you be looking to make a move!