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May 15, 2018
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June 7, 2018

Tips for Organizing and Decluttering Your Home This Spring

Spring is here. Which means Spring cleaning!

How can you declutter, clean, and organize for good?

We have helped many Clients prepare their homes for sale, our team knows how to get your home in order and quickly!

Pick A Date That You Would Like To Aim For!

Perhaps you are going over your home and organizing and decluttering so you can list it for sale? There are many other reasons you may have. Maybe you are hosting a party or just looking for a general refresh? It is important to set a date so you don’t keep putting it off!

Do It Alone

Have you ever tried to purge, declutter, and organize with a partner or kids in tow? What a pain! You are successfully making your way through piles of books, games, toys and clothes. But look out! Your little one won’t let you get rid of that or your partner thinks they need to keep all of their sweaters from years ago! Urggh! Do yourself a favour, book a day that you will have the house to yourself.

3. Prepare

Get organized for purge day! Gather some boxes and or reusable shopping bags. This way you will be able to have everything out the door, dropped off to your local thrift shop or reuse centre before anyone can get back into it.

Decide How You Sort

Where To Start

Where to begin? Why not start working on something small? This way you will get results fast! It will keep you motivated when you get to the larger areas to tackle.

What To Keep

When most people start organizing they keep focusing on what to throw away. Why not focus on what to KEEP? Does this item spark joy? Have you used it or worn the item in the past year? If you have to think about something for more than 10 seconds, move on and deal with it later. (There are some items you need to keep of course such as your tax return).

How To Justify The Giveaways

A lot of us hold on to things for a lot of reasons. Even the best organizers still struggle with items. Usually it is the items that cost a lot and are really great quality but that you hardly use. By donating items you don’t really need, someone who truly needs it will be helped. If you have items that are so sentimental you don’t want to throw them out why not consider taking a photo and keep the photo as a memory!

A Place for Everything And Everything In Its Place

The biggest reason most of us end up with clutter and disorganization is because we have too much stuff and nowhere to put it. Make sure everything you own has a home. If you don’t have room, something needs to go (and we don’t mean to a storage unit!)

Repurpose Organizers

Shoe hangers for doors can be great for storing bathroom items. Metal cans such as soup tins can be used to store arts and craft items. Tool boxes can make excellent medicine kits. There are many ways to repurpose containers!

A Very Helpful Box

Consider keeping a box in your closet or your child’s closet so that when things get too small or you have decided you really aren’t going to wear it anymore – it already has a home. Once the box is full donate it! The same thing can happen in other areas of the home. The basement is another catch all area! Keep a box down there for any extra materials you have collected and don’t need anymore. When it is full, drop it off!

Organizing and decluttering your home can be a challenging task – but we hope these tips help to simplify the process for you!