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December 30, 2020
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We ❤️ Real Estate!

It is hard to believe that we are now over half way thru winter!

Our days are getting longer and the sunny days of winter are upon us. A welcome break from the days around the winter solstice when it seems the darkness will never end.

It is also hard to believe that we are fast approaching the 1 year mark of the Global Pandemic. A year ago we would remember some small chatter of the Corona Virus, the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant, a Zamboni driver dressing for the Carolina Hurricanes to beat the Leafs and Amazon stock was at around $2040.00 ($3331.00 close today).

Nobody would have expected the results that we see today in the stock market nor the Real Estate Market.

We continue to see a distinct Seller’s market in Centre Wellington and area which is driven by low levels of inventory and high Buyer demand.

Over half of Buyers purchasing local homes are Buyers from out of the area.

We have an amazing community to live in, and the secret is out. Long after we learn how to deal with Covid 19, this secret will continue to keep our community a desirable place to live and inspire Buyers to seek opportunities to purchase in our community.

The reality is this is a great time to sell!

If you have a home to go to, a plan in place where to go or need to sell for any reason, this is a fantastic time to consider selling. Below you will see the increase of the average sale price over the last 5 years in our area. 

If you or anyone you know are planning to make a move in 2021, please contact us to make a plan that will ensure your best interests are looked after.

If you or anyone you know are thinking about buying in 2021, we should connect and have a similar discussion on how to best prepare to Purchase in such a competitive Real Estate market.

People buy and sell for many different reasons. We have investors looking to sell to access equity that they can then reinvest in other ventures. There are downsizers and empty nesters. There are many families looking to move up in the market or families looking for a home office, pool or out building to satisfy their family needs today. Unfortunately…we have estates and divorces which result in sales. Relocations are also becoming prominent as people seek a cheaper place to live or perhaps take on a new position at work. The real estate market is constantly changing and opportunities do come up in all markets, you must only have patience and you will find that an opportunity will show up at the most odd time.

It is terribly challenging to buy or sell at the perfect time. Similar to the stock market, we would all love to buy at the cheapest time possible and sell when values are their highest. The reality is Real Estate is a long term gain. For those with a plan, time and patience, Real Estate will continue to provide long term security and wealth unlike any other investment.

As we navigate through Covid 19 we encourage everyone to think local. Support our many great, local businesses that could use our help during these challenging times. Reach out to family, friends or a neighbour to make sure all is ok.

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we could all use a little love…. We would like to make it all about you, our friends, family and locals! Do you have a business/service that we could provide a google/Facebook review or possibly share on our page? We have great reach on our Social Media platforms and we would love to give you props!

All the best to you and yours this very special Valentine’s Day!


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