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March 7, 2022
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May 13, 2022


Your Burning Questions Inspired by the Headlines

It seems we can’t stop talking about the Real Estate Market.  While this is not a new topic, let’s face it, it has always been debatable and fascinating.  We aren’t just saying that because we eat, sleep and breathe real estate.  What have you wanted to know about the current real estate market?…

Is it true that some properties aren’t selling on the date set for offers?  YES

Is it true that most Sellers are looking for more than their listing price?  YES

Is it true that for over the last 2 years we have sold properties with zero conditions?  YES

Is it true that we have worked with many happy Sellers?  YES

Do we continuously have happy Buyers?  YES

Has it been easy for Buyers?  NO

Are we seeing multiple offers on every property?  NO

Are we seeing Buyers who have fought in this market for over a year finally becoming successful?  YES

Will we start using the services of home inspectors again?  We hope so.

What about finance condition?  This would be reassuring for Sellers. 

Are we seeing a shift?  YES!

What shifts are occuring?

Some days the shift seems subtle, other days more obvious. An example of a shift is when 1 listing has a ton of activity and 1 offer vs another has a few showings and everyone offers! We have been in many markets and this isn’t a market to be afraid of. If you are looking to buy, let us help you.

Let’s get you set up with a mortgage specialist so you understand your maximum mortgage, and your comfort zone as far as monthly payments (no one wants to be at their max). Let’s look at brick and mortar, what you like and what you don’t like. You won’t be prepared to make an offer unless you get your feet wet – preparation will still be key, even in a shifting market.

If you are considering selling, we need to know your home and what it offers.  A full walk through for evaluation is step 1.  We can talk about market history, comparables and strategy.  We will be closely watching the shift and together with you, we will decide the best approach for your situation and your home.  This all takes skill, market knowledge and collaboration. 

We have sold every listing we have signed in 2022 and we are prepared for market shifts.  We want to share this knowledge with our Buyers and Sellers. 

We have a few exciting and unique properties yet to hit the market.  We are looking forward to a spring/summer where we can continue to make the perfect buy and sell match!

Staffing updates & more

Oh and we don’t only talk about real estate! 

We are pretty excited to let you know that Nicole Sawyer-Hill has joined our team, her client care expertise, organizational skills and positivity are a welcome addition to our team.  We are feeling gooood!!!  Thanks Nicole!


Did you know that Dianne is expecting Grandbaby #4 this spring!  She was able to do a gal getaway in Nuevo Vallarta in March and can give you any tips if you are looking to head there! 

Malcolm, Jane and family enjoyed skiing at Blue Mountain this winter and are super excited to get out the boat and hit the water with their skis this summer! 

Melissa and husband Terry, hiked into their French River Lodge for a remote getaway in February and are preparing for its reopening in May! 

Paul and Tammy love trip planning and have enjoyed a few getaways this winter, ask them, they may have ideas for you! 

Alex got out ice fishing on Belwood lake this year and spent an over night up north in his new hut.  You might want to ask him how it went!

We are always excited about real estate – we hope we have answered a few of those burning questions the headlines are hinting at.  Still have questions?  Give us a call at 519-843-7653 and we would love to answer any questions you may have. Talk to us, we look forward to it!